Are you looking for affordable yet powerful power-washing equipment for your home in Christchurch? We know that it can be a bit tedious to find the best equipment since there aren’t a lot of companies in Christchurch that offer it. Many may not even know how to tell the difference between a heavy-duty power washer and a pressure washer when hiring or buying equipment. 


But this kind of information is really important to know because the right house power washing equipment can help you get rid of grime and dirt on your driveway, patio, home’s exterior, car and motorcycle, and so on.


To make your search a little easier, we are going to share our thoughts on the top seven house power washing tools in Christchurch that are suitable for home use, keeping in mind any budget constraints.

The Best Power Water Blasters in New Zealand Reviewed

Our top picks for the best power washers that you can use in your Christchurch home are as follows: 

1. Nilfisk Compact Water Blaster C125

Model: C 125.7-6 X-TRA EU

Price: NZ $249

Type: Electric

Max Pressure: 1813 psi

Flow Rate: 5.2 - 7.3 litres/minute

Hose Length: 6 metres

Weight: 6.6kg

Dimensions: 27L X 30W X 82H


The Nilfishk Compact C 125 is an amazing house power washing piece of equipment that packs a punch despite its light weight of just 6.6kgs. However, being light also comes in handy if you’re looking for a portable water blaster or need to clean multiple areas in one location.


This compact water blaster has a flow rate of 5.2 to 7.3 litres per minute and a maximum pressure of 125 bar (1813 psi), which is more than enough to clean tough dirt off surfaces. It's great for cleaning driveways and patios, coming with a patio brush. Since algae or moss may not come off with just water pressure alone, these brushes certainly come in handy. To help you rinse away stubborn grime, you can use either the Tornado PR (pressure regulation) or the Powerspeed nozzles (high impact).


These pressure-adjustable nozzles can clean up to an impressive 30 square metres of surface per hour with no problems. Although a cord with a length greater than 5 metres is preferable, this model will help you clean the majority of your house or garden.

2. Kärcher K4 Premium Electric Water Blaster

Model: 13241130

Price: NZ $599

Type: Electric

Max Pressure: 2100psi/144 bar

Flow rate: 7 litres/minute

Hose Length: 9 metres

Dimensions: 411D X 305W X 584H cm

Weight: 16kg


In spite of its tedious instruction manual, the Kärcher K4 is easy to put together. The LED display on the K4 Karcher water blaster is what we like the most about the device. The Vario Power spray lance, which makes this washer conveniently portable with just a twist, also makes it simple to switch modes.


The K4 has four wash settings; hard, medium, soft, or detergent. For tough stains, use the hard mode, the medium mode for washing cars, and the soft mode for delicate surfaces. Choose the 'Detergent' option if you need to use soapy water. Changing detergents and checking soap levels are a breeze with the K4's Plug 'n' Clean system, which is included with the Detergent mode.


The telescopic handle can be adjusted to a variety of heights, and when used in conjunction with the sturdy base, it makes for a portable water blaster. Additionally, the Kärcher K4 comes with a 7-year warranty, making it one of the best water blasters on the market today.

3. Flash P2000 Petrol Water Blaster

Model: P2000

Price: NZ $429

Type: Petrol

Max Pressure: 2000psi/138 bar

Flow rate: 6.8 litres/minute

Hose Length: 5 metres

Dimensions: 63L X 62W X 54H cm

Weight: 25kg


The Flash P2000 has a slimmer and more defined appearance than other water blasters, making it stand out from the crowd. To use an analogy, many people may prefer the look of a hot rod because of the exposed engine, which is how the flash appears.


The P2000 can pump up to 6.8 litres per minute, with a flow rate of up to 4.0 horsepower from its Ducar engine. However, the warranty on this water blaster is only good for two years, so be sure to take care of it.


The P2000 is an excellent option if you're looking for something easy to use for hard-to-reach places with four interchangeable nozzles. A 5-metre length of anti-kink hose is sufficient for most ground-level areas.

5. Bosch Universal Aquatak 130 Water Blaster

Model: 06008A7B40

Price: NZ $299

Type: Electric

Max. Pressure: 1885psi/130 bar

Flow Rate: 380 litres/minute

Cable Length: 5 metres

Hose Length: 6 metres

Dimensions: 36.5H X 36W X 44L cm

Weight: 7.8kg


The versatile Trio Nozzle is Aquatak’s most influential feature because it can be used for different cleaning methods. These modes are Fan, Rotary, and Pencil Jet, and they all work in the same way. The Rotary mode helps you get rid of tough dirt and grime. The ‘Fan’ mode is best suited for cleaning cars, while the ‘Pencil Jet’ mode is best for getting rid of stains with precision. This water blaster also comes with a 450-ml High-Pressure Detergent Nozzle that you can use to clean things.


The Bosch Aquatak 130 Water Blaster has a three-cylinder pump that sprays water at 1885 psi, so you'll be able to clean almost anything in your home. This washer is a must-have for homeowners who want to keep their homes clean. It has mobility and comes in a small size, making it very easy to store.

6. Jobmate Electric Water Blaster

Model: YLQ5380C-140A

Price: NZ $209

Type: Electric

Max. Pressure: 2030psi/140 bar

Flow Rate: 6.67 litres/minute

Cord Length: 5 metres

Dimensions: 344D X 850H X 392W mm


If you want to buy a powerful pressure washer in New Zealand, the Jobmate Water Blaster would be a wise call. 2030 PSI of pressure and an aluminium pump make it easy to get rid of hard-to-reach debris or stains.


This water blaster also lets you change the angle of the blast quickly, which is useful when you're working in elevated places. The hose is only 5 metres long, but we found that this makes it easy to store and move around.


It also has a handy cord organiser to keep your hose and power cord neat and tidy. This water blaster itself is also very easy to use and move around because of its small size and lightweight.


So, whether you're cleaning outdoor furniture, windows, or a BBQ grill, you'll be able to get rid of tough stains in no time without having to spend a fortune on a blaster.

7. BE Pressure Supply Powerease Pressure Cleaner

Model: 120 BAR3170C-R

Price: NZ $739

Type: Petrol

Max. Pressure: 3100psi/214 bar

Flow Rate: 8.7 litres/minute

Hose Length: 10 metres

Weight: 35kg


The Comet Axial Pump on the Powerease 7hp engine jets out water at 3100psi and at a rate of 8.7 litres per minute. Yet it aligns with the PESA (Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia) 2017 Act, which sets emissions testing standards. Depending on how the water blaster will be used, the engine has different warranties. Domestic residential buyers will receive a standard 2-year warranty, but BE Supply will only provide a 3-month warranty if used commercially, which is a bit disappointing.


As a result, we recommend using the Powerease in your home, where you'll be proud to roll it around on its 2-wheel trolley and sleek grey steel frame. It's easily adjustable on almost any terrain thanks to its large tyres and easy-grip handle.


The Powerease comes with a 10-metre hose and four Quick Nozzles, allowing you to handle virtually any type of grime. This pressure washer will take care of water blasting your patio or garden deck.

Final comments

We hope you found this helpful — especially if you’re on the lookout for the best power washing equipment for your Christchurch home or anywhere in New Zealand. 

We’ll keep updating our list when we get our hands on other power-washing equipment for home use as we move forward. If you have any queries or want to book an appointment for a good residential or commercial washdown, feel free to contact us today.