Commercial Power Washing

Be the best looking Christchurch business

Just how clean is your building? When was it last power washed? Maybe you don’t notice it because you see it every day, but what do your clients and customers think as they drive up to your premises?

A clean building projects a clean professional image and makes a great impression on your customers, employees and visitors. Dust, rain, and snow in Christchurch can cause it to look dull and unkempt. But with a good exterior cleaning, your building (and its interiors) will look good as new! Try our commercial building power washing services, and let The Washdown King clean up your business today!

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Cleaners that work for you

Cleaning is one of those jobs that needs to be done, and should be done regularly. But if you own a commercial building in Christchurch, it can be hard to clean every nook and cranny—especially exterior areas regular cleaners can’t reach. So how can we make life easier for you?

Your employees and customers don’t need the distraction or restricted access because the building is getting power washed. The Washdown King can clean your building’s interiors and exteriors with our powerful pressure washing equipment and manpower outside of business hours.

For your peace of mind, we are Site Safe accredited, so you know the upper stories or roof of your building is being cleaned thoroughly and safely.

The Washdown King is accountable to you. We will take photos and send them to you as we work, so you can see the difference our power wash is making. Guaranteed. We will keep you updated with how your power wash is going, so you’ll never be left in the dark.

Environmentally friendly cleaners

A decent power wash should not cost The Earth. The Washdown King only uses environmentally friendly cleaning products to remove the built-up dirt, grime moss and mould from around your Christchurch business. Our environmentally friendly power washing will still leave your business looking cleaner, for longer.

While some commercial cleaners jump straight on the water blaster, this is guaranteed to leave dirt and grime behind. Our first step is getting stuck-in, agitating and activating our cleaning solutions along the walls, and letting them actively lift out the dirt. That’s the ‘power’ part of a power wash.

Next, our high pressure hose removes the dirt, moss and mould, leaving your business looking shiny and clean. Agitating our environmentally friendly cleaning products into the surface of your building kills the spores, keeping your premises looking cleaner for longer.

Public perceptions are important, and if your business is trying to be ‘clean and green,’ you don’t want to be associated with harsh chemicals. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are safe to run off into waterways or soil with no adverse effects. There’s no ‘hidden’ clean up bill, and any gardens or lawn around the building will be just fine.


Looking after your business

Let The Washdown King look after you long-term. Ask us about our Annual Washdown Programme.

You’ll enjoy discounts, as well as added benefits like us cleaning your gutters while we’re washing the top storey or your roof.

By joining The Washdown King’s Annual Programme, we can:

✔️Make your business look almost as good as it did the day it was painted;
✔️Protect and extend the life of the paint work;
✔️Make outdoor cleaning and maintenance one less job you need to worry about.


Need to clean a fleet?

Do you run trucks, vans or machinery around Christchurch that also need to be cleaned? Make a great first impression when driving out to site with a power washed fleet of vehicles. 

You can find out more about The Washdown King’s machinery and truck steam cleaning here.

Machinery and Truck Steam Clean


The Washdown King cleans Christchurch businesses

From office buildings to rest homes, shop fronts to classroom blocks, let The Washdown King keep your business looking clean and professional. For a free quote, or to ask about our Annual Washdown Programme, contact the team at The Washdown King on 022 514 6253.

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