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Truck Steam Cleaning Christchurch & Mobile Fleet Cleaning Services

Your vehicles are a moving billboard for your business. What are they currently saying about you? 

Clean vehicles project a professional image and make a great impression as you’re driving around Christchurch or pulling up to site.

Let The Washdown King clean up your fleet today!

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Ongoing maintenance

Tar, road grime and mud. It all takes a toll. Regularly cleaning your vehicles helps keep the bodywork, paintwork, curtains, and any decals or signwriting in good condition, giving them a much longer life. Not only will they look better for longer, they’ll need fewer touch ups and less maintenance moving forward.

Our high volume, heavy duty cleaning has long range adjustable spray, to reach the top of those really tall cabs. We can help steam clean even the largest of trucks or other vehicles. 

Plus, our environmentally-friendly cleaning products are also ideal for all commercial vehicles and industrial equipment, removing dirt, oil, grease, mud, grass and leaves, wood chips and more.


Compliance checks

The price to pay for owning vehicles. WoFs, CoFs and servicing are a fact of life. Did you know built up mud, road grime and tar can actually make those compulsory checks longer?

Same goes for machinery and equipment prior to an inspection or servicing. If it’s been hard at work, there’s a good chance it won’t be spotless. Or back to work faster. But our power washing and cleaning services can solve all that, and make your vehicles, machines, and equipment look good as new. 


Mobile Fleet Cleaning

The Washdown King can come to wherever you are in Christchurch, whenever it’s convenient. Whether all your trucks are lined up in your workplace yard, or construction vehicles are at a secure site, we can come to you to wash and steam clean your vehicles. 

Our fleet cleaning services can get rid of dirt, bacteria, and grime on tough spots. Even those hard to reach areas with lots of grooves like the cab, chassis and underbody and deck will benefit from a decent wash and steam clean.


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If you’re running a business or looking after a fleet, you already have enough on your plate. Let us take care of your vehicle and machinery cleaning schedule. Ask The Washdown King about our Annual Programme, and we can take care of the rest.

No need to book, we can schedule a power wash or steam clean right before your vehicle is due for its next WoF, CoF or inspection.

For a free quote or more information about our Annual Washdown Programme, contact The Washdown King today on 022 514 6253.

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