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The Washdown King

Our job is to get your Christchurch home, business or fleet sparkling like new again. Because we’re SiteSafe accredited, you can trust us to power wash your property safely. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products, because we firmly believe a decent power wash shouldn't cost the Earth.

Big or small, The Washdown King can clean it all. From your home, multi-storey business, farm machinery or heavy-duty vehicles, we can give you a free quote for our power washing services and outdoor cleaning solutions. 

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Power Washing Specialists

When did you last stand on your driveway, look up at your home, and say, “Wow, my house looks good”? Chances are, a long time ago, until you’ve experienced a great power wash. 

Once your house, garage, deck and driveway have been power washed by The Washdown King, that’s exactly what you’ll do and say. We know, because so many of our clients tell us that the clean results of our extensive power washing is like falling in love with their home all over again.

Our local, Canterbury-owned team can power wash all your exterior surfaces, killing moss, mould and lichen while protecting the life of your paintwork. All those benefits with just one power wash, using quality water blasting equipment. 

Truth be told, The Washdown King can power wash your whole Christchurch property, including your roof, garage, fences deck, and driveway. We can even clean your gutters, so you can take real pride in your home again. You’ll love the aftermath of a good power wash—it’s just something a regular scrub can’t do. 

Want to make your home feel more like your castle? For a FREE, no obligation quote, contact The Washdown King.

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About Us

For about two decades, Andrew has been helping Cantabrians keep their homes and businesses spotless, specialising in power washing. His drive and experience is leading The Washdown King team towards new standards of safety and cleanliness in the power washing industry.

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What would make your life easier? For a free, no obligation quote on our range of power washing and outdoor cleaning services, or to ask about our Annual Washdown Programme, contact Andrew and the team at The Washdown King.

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