Use this simple cleaning and maintenance checklist to keep the exterior of your house — and property — in perfect shape this winter.

It’s April 2022, and New Zealand is about to welcome the crispness and coolness of the Autumn season. It’s that time of the year when homeowners begin to prep for the colder temperature of the winter season. Therefore, it’s best to not procrastinate, take advantage of the moderate climate and start fixing any repairs or damage before the first winter arrives.

We’ve jotted down a few exterior house cleaning tips for your Christchurch home and how to keep them in perfect condition.

Exterior Maintenance

Check caulking and other cracks

To prevent your room’s heat from escaping, check the foundation for cracks and caulk, especially around the places where the masonry contacts siding, where pipes or wires enter the home, and around the windows and door frames.

Caulking and sealing holes are two of the least pricey maintenance tasks in Christchurch. Water might enter through fractures in the structure and stay frozen, resulting in cracks and mould buildup. Irrespective of where you live, winter can bring with it serious issues that can result in water or ice damage. A thorough inspection of the outside structure, paired with low-cost maintenance, might save you money in the long term.

Install storm windows and doors and remove screens.  

You should clean and repair the screens before putting them away. Then, spray them with a protective coating and put them in a dry place in your basement or garage.

Checking exterior walls for peeling or flaking of paint

Check outside walls to see if any paint is peeling or flaking off of the house or other buildings. Peeling paint is a sign that the old paint film is crumbling and can no longer protect the siding of a building from the weather. In the long run, if the siding isn't fixed, it will need to be replaced, which will cost a lot of money in the future.

Cleaning the driveway, decks, and patio surfaces

You should clean any mould and mildew off these surfaces outside before more rain starts in the winter. This will make them less slippery. A water blaster can be very useful, but nothing beats a good scrub with soapy water and a hard brush, or broom.

Wash the House

Exterior house cleaning in Christchurch often includes washing your home’s windows and cladding while you have all the tools out to clean your driveway. Do this, especially on the southern side of your house. We recommend you do both simultaneously.


Cleaning the gutters can be a very daunting task. However, if you’re looking forward to removing the accumulation of all the withered leaves or shifting the “unrented” bird’s nest, or anything that clogs in your gutters, now is the time. Start on a pleasantly cool day, place your ladder correctly and begin cleaning the gutters. You can use garden gloves, a small trowel, and a bucket to help clear your gutters. Then, you can rinse your gutters with the hose to make them clean.


You must ensure that there are no gaps in the flashing, around the skylights and other plausible spots that stop the water from entering your home during heavy rainfall. If you're confident in your skills, you can patch any holes with silicon when you can go to hardware stores again. Putting your safety first is important, so if you're not used to working at high places, you should leave it to a pro.

Air-Condition or Heater

There's no need to wait until winter to have your heating system checked and cleaned. It doesn't matter what kind of heating system you have. Modern-day pumps are equipped with filters that can be cleaned by the owner and don’t involve too much complication.

It's important to look up your heat pump model online and follow the manufacturer's advice. People who live in well-insulated homes and have an efficient heating system can save money on their heating bills. In order to avoid fire hazards, chimneys should be cleaned. This is a condition of your insurance.

Smoke Alarms

In the end, if you can only choose one thing from this list, pick this one! Once a year, you should check to see if your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors work.

Porch and Deck Maintenance

  • During exterior house cleaning in Christchurch, it’s a good idea to look at the supports and stairs of your porch or deck. Make sure the handrails can hold someone who falls on snow or ice.
  • Clean your porch and deck furniture, and look for things that need to be fixed. Cover and store outdoor furniture and barbecues in a place that is safe from the rain.
  • Pots and planters should be free of soil. Clay pots that have dirt in them will freeze and crack if left outside.

Exterior house cleaning and maintenance in Christchurch requires planning and proper execution if one wants to save time. If you’re looking for a pro-level experience then get in touch with The Washdown King today!